Matthew Thomas “Matto” Traynor passed away on June 04, 2016 after a long battle with addiction.

Matthew had an unmatched love for the outdoors. An avid sportsman, he could always be found hunting or fishing with his friends or family. In particular, he enjoyed duck hunting and would even camp out early in the morning to stake his claim to a field shoot. He was passionate about golf and found ample opportunity to do so as both a member and employee of the Fargo Country Club. Matthew truly lived life to the fullest, and his charismatic personality will be missed by all the family and friends he left behind.

Upon his passing we, his family, requested donations in lieu of flowers with a plan to donate the proceeds to a worthy cause or charity. Following an overwhelming show of support from all those who loved and knew Matto, we opted to establish our own fund – the Matthew Traynor Memorial Fund. We determined that our energy, efforts and money (contributed so generously by our community) would be best harnessed if we tackle the disease ourselves, bolstered by our years of experience fighting addiction alongside Matto.

After a year of planning and strategizing, the Matto Foundation was born. We plan to empower and educate families and children in a collaborative effort to delay and decrease alcohol and substance use in our community and yours.

We, his family and friends, are on a mission to prevent addiction from stealing lives. Join us.